Long Term Weight Loss Requires the Proper Education to Promote Balanced Lifestyle Choices

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Insulin is produced by the pancreas. Its primary function is to regulate blood sugar levels, however, it is also the hormone that facilitates the transport of fat (triglycerides) into the fat cells. Even worse, it "locks" the fat in the fat cell, preventing it from being used as a source of energy. Now, because the blood sugar has dropped (and we can’t access the fat as a fuel source) it creates "sugar cravings' and the vicious cycle begins again. In other words, an overabundance of insulin causes weight gain.

Therefore, the Ideal Protein weight loss method is based on two simple truths:

  1. as long as sugar (carbs) is being consumed, the body is not burning fat;
  2. by limiting out carbs (including sugar), the body is forced into burning fat stores to provide energy.

Therefore, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method limits daily carb intake, thus reducing your body’s need for insulin (and thereby telling the pancreas to limit insulin production). Once your pancreas is given that opportunity to rest, your body burns its stores of fat for energy.

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